Commercial Use

Prevent Theft

Retail assistants or security guards can instantly be made aware when a customer or potential thief takes a product from any OnDis display area. Messages can be communicated detailing the item and its location within the store. In addition, CCTV video can be viewed on hand held devices or security viewing monitors that clearly identifies who took the item as well as providing a clear insight into their behaviour.

  • An OnDis solution can also be integrated with audio and audio-visual systems to deliver targeted messages specific to your store environment to assist with theft prevention.
  • Alerts can send instant video to a monitor next to the display area within the customer or potential thief’s view, capturing an item being taken from the SmartShelf to deter theft.
  • An OnDis system can also deliver in-store announcements, enabling staff to make interactions through being instantly aware an item has been taken from a specific area within the store.
  • The OnDis system can notify staff in a number of ways when the item is taken from the display area instead of an alarm triggered at the door through standard tagging systems when it is often too late to react effectively.

Manage Stock

Retailers can also help to achieve greater efficiencies by enabling real-time stock count information and detailed trend analysis via the OnDis software platform.

OnDis can assist with store operations by ensuring that popular product lines are always available to customers by making staff aware when the stock levels are running low.

Alerts can be triggered to a mobile device or central monitor back of house and notify staff when a shelf count is low or empty.

The ShelfCount+ system can be integrated into a wider stock management system to assist with the understanding of buying trends through data that can give a deeper understanding than simple sales figures can. An OnDis SmartShelf+ can give insight into how a particular product line performs within a specific promotion – time stamped data can show quantities when stock is removed from the display area, as well as helping to ensure shelves are replenished when necessary.

Increase Sales

The OnDis system can be used in many ways to support retailers to improve the sales process within a store. When customers are engaged with a product displayed with an OnDis device, the system can help to avoid missed sales opportunities by notifying staff as well as delivering relevant marketing campaigns via monitors that are placed in the relevant display area.

Alerts are sent to mobile devices in order to enable staff to engage with customers when purchasing decisions are being considered. This can assist staff by raising awareness of a customer’s interest in high value items or products that may require additional information before a purchase is made.

Video & Audio promotional ads can instantly be served to monitors at point of sale when a customer engages with an item.

The OnDis marketing solution can therefore help to increase in-store sales via up-selling in conjunction with promotional offers or the promotion of other relevant items of stock that compliments an initial purchase.